Connaught 12

" Without RYSE having spent so much time and car understanding exactly what we wanted to achieve I never would have seen my dream realised. It has been a pleasure working with them & we hope to have them develop a further product line with us going forwards"

Gareth Evans - Founder of Connaught Motor Co Ltd.

Project Details

Gareth the founder of Connaught Motor Co Ltd. came to us with a vision of a luxury vehicle that was able to suit the lifestyle of a high net worth individual that enjoyed & relished in the pursuit of Country sports & was fascinated by performance & utility. 

RYSE was tasked with creating the concept for the vehicle, all of the reverse engineering & re-manufacturing of the components as well as all the CAD engineering. 

Project Delivery

Week 1 / 3 - Initial Designs and Colour & Trim manuals completed.

Weeks 4 / 6 - Initial engineering & prototypes delivered.

Weeks 7 / 9 - Final Production Prototypes delivered.

Week 10 - Final Production components delivered