Zentrack Front Suspension

" From the offset of the project the entire team at RYSE put our fears about outsourcing this project to rest. They are very competent and their knowledge and IP in manufacturing low volume components made them the perfect choice for this project and technical partners going forwards."

Engineering Director - Zentrack

Project Details

As a new brand Zentrack is ambitious and driven in its goal to become the No1 track day vehicle for enthusiasts. RYSE was selected to design & manufacture the front suspension for the track day variant of the vehicle and also ensure this met on road safety requirements. RYSE will deliver the suspension systems and other components into Zentrack also.

The suspension was designed to be as lightweight as possible and as cost effective and easy to assemble and repair. The tubular carbon fibre wishbones deliver great strength and low weight along with the extruded aluminium centre beam with cast brackets allow for individualisation of the width of the vehicle for each drivers individual requirements.