Key Fob

" We subcontracted this work to RYSE to ease the internal pressure allowing us to focus on other projects. We are so glad we did the project was very smooth & the team at RYSE delivered a beautiful well thought out final outcome."

Product Accessories Manager - Automotive OEM

Project Details

The leading UK based OEM came to us to help them deliver a re-engineered version of their current Key Fob to re-package for new components that were introduced to upgrade functionality. Our challenge was to find a way of maintaining the exact design that the previous generation Fob had but repackage its contents.

We implemented production through 3D Printing & CNC Machining in order to remove the need for retooling of the Key Fob & found a way of creating inserts the fit within the initial components. 

Project Delivery

Week 1 / 3 - Initial Proposals & Production methodology suggested.

Weeks 4 / 6 - Final packaging proposals & Initial prototypes delivered.

Week 7 - Final Production Prototypes delivered.