In-Ear Headphones

" We were extremely impressed with the quality of how RYSE engaged with us & really understood exactly what we wanted and needed from this project. I am very happy to have worked with them & we will be working with them as a partner going forwards."

Director of Procurement - Global Electronics Manufacturer

Project Details

As market leaders in low cost high quality consumer electronics.  Anker had the ambition to launch a new type of self cleaning In-ear headphone. Having already prototyped the internal electronics, Anker commissioned RYSE to design, engineer & prototype the exterior casing & HMI components.


Project Delivery

Week 1 - Initial Designs & Market research

Weeks 2 / 3 - Engineering Design completed.

Weeks 4 / 5 - Prototyping & initial testing

Week 6 - Final proposal presented to Ankers Board